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There is nothing more convenient in the morning to eat than breakfast sandwiches. Usually made with a bagel, a sandwich wrap, or toast, it contains not only eggs, but meats, cheeses, and veggies as well. It’s a great way to have a full breakfast in a one-hand sandwich.

We at Vic’s Bagels realize that not everyone has time to sit down to enjoy a good breakfast, which is why we added healthy and tasty breakfast sandwiches to our menu. We pride ourselves on coming up with a wide variety of choices in our breakfast sandwiches that are sure to please our first-time customers, and will have them coming back for more.

Our customers can choose breakfast sandwiches from our menu, such as a ham, cheese, and egg on a bagel or toast. Or, they can create their own favorite breakfast sandwich. Either way, they will not be let down. For vegetarians or those that are health-conscious, try our veggie and egg white breakfast sandwiches that are sure to please.

At Vic’s Bagels, we want to see to it that all of our customers have a great time when they order from us. By deciding to try one of our creations, they are dining at the best place in the Bethlehem, PA, area famous for its breakfast sandwiches. Our customers deserve the best and they should expect it when they choose to eat at Vic’s Bagels.

Unlike other eateries in the area, we aspire to being the first place to consider when dining out, and not just for breakfast. We realize that many people enjoy breakfast any time of the day, and we can accommodate them. Our breakfast sandwiches make a great lunch or even take-out for dinner. Whatever our customers want, the staff at Vic’s Bagels will be happy to see that all of their requests are taken care of and that they are always happy and satisfied with their order.

For tasty and healthy breakfast sandwiches on the go, why not enjoy one from the one place that will make it fresh and hot, just the way you want it? The only spot in Bethlehem, PA, for this is Vic’s Bagels!

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